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DVD Review - $5 a Day

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$5 a Day is one of those little gems of film that is easy to pass over, but my recommendation would be to watch it.

I went into it without high expectations and came away pleasantly surprised. Basically its a two-man movie - the aging thespian Christopher Walken, who plays a veteran con artist, and young and talented Alessandro Nivola, who plays his beleaguered son. Together they form an unlikely duo on screen, but somehow the chemistry and the timing and the overall story works out.

Learn & Re-Learn Math concepts with TenMarks

Since I cover various parenting topics, I was recently contacted about "TenMarks", a new online service for kids to practice and master math concepts online. It sounds like a great site, helping both kids to learn and their parents to re-learn Math concepts. I haven't had a chance to this out personally, but here's the info in case you want to :

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