Chuggington's newest DVD - It's Training Time

by - 8/04/2011

My kids really enjoy the action-packed, fun yet educational series of Chuggington. Wilson, Brewster and Koko are the 'trainees' as well as the main characters in this animated series. As can be seen from the photo below, they sat spellbound watching the episodes unfold as the charming and colorful series gently teaches as it entertains.

With a supporting cast of various other trains as well as human and animal animated characters, the three chuggers get into a lot of mischief but overall learn how to “ride the rails” of life and become a productive part of society.

'It's Training Time' is the latest Dvd to be released in this series. It features six episodes plus a three-minute bonus “Badge Quest” episode, Running On Time, which explores the importance of being punctual. Weaved throughout the fun-filled adventures are lessons to help hone preschoolers’ pro-social skills, such as the value of setting a good example (Training Time Harrison); cleanliness (Wilson Gets A Wash); following directions (Koko And The Tunnel); diversity (Watch Out Wilson); self-confidence (Wilson’s Smooth Move) and not jumping to conclusions (Eddie Finds Time).

In 'Wilson Gets a Wash', (photos above) Wilson hides when he learns that the trainees are all going to get a wash. He has a lot of fun getting dirty and evading the other chuggers who're looking for him. Finally he's caught and made to take a wash. He surprisingly enjoys the process and feels good about getting clean. A valuable lesson in cleanliness comes across without the young viewers even being aware of it. I certainly had no trouble getting my kids to have a bath that day.

I took these photographs in less than ideal conditions, so the blurriness and other defects are the result of that.

Disclosure - This product was received for review/feature consideration.

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