Twinkle Toes Dvd Launch Party

by - 8/17/2012

My daughter's still young, but she's already a fan of all things pink and purple, and 'sparkly' is her new favorite word. She's a total girly-girl - in the cutest way imaginable, of course. I should have known that Twinkle Toes were in her future!

I admit, I had no idea that such cute - no, that's too mild a word - I'm thinking of 'fantastic' Yep, I had no idea such fantastic and beautiful things existed. They certainly didn't have anything even remotely as pretty as these gorgeous creations when I was young. Of course, I'm talking about the best-selling SKECHERS Kids footwear line, Twinkle Toes (see glittery photo below - courtesy Skechers website!)

Needless to say I jumped at the chance to "Discover Your Inner Sparkle with the TWINKLE TOES: THE MOVIE launch party" happening at a mall not too far from my home.  

That weekend, with my daughter wriggling in excitement and impatience even as my son pouted mightily at going to a "girly" event, we drove over to the mall where the event was happening. Unfortunately we got lost and were a bit late to the event. But get there we did and it was a total blast.

All kids got temporary tattoos and bracelets from the good people managing the display station. To color they had Twinkle Toes coloring sheets. They also got a view of some wonderful Twinkle Toes items to add to their list to Santa. Plus, they got to see some great dancing, singing and most importantly (at least, according to my kids!) they got to bedazzle their own Twinkles Toes pink tote bag! Check out the photos and video below.

We followed the crowd of people and the sound of music, to find the (gorgeous) place in the center of the mall where the event was taking place.
I was really happy to see this, just in case... There were some other people who were also filming and taking photos.
Girls of all ages were grooving away with Power House of Dance
Younger kids, like my daughter, quickly wandered over to the Coloring sheet area
Coloring Magic waiting to happen!
Here's Twinkle Toes herself, with her accessories including some cute pink bracelets that kids were given for free. On the other side are Twinkle Toes Cds, DVDs, Backpacks, shoes, skates and more.
And just look at those darling shoes! Even my son's intrigued (those are his hands on the table there). Backpacks, cds and more. Plus sweepstake entries for all hopefuls.
Free Twinkles Toes Tattoo adorning my daughter's hand
Shocker! My son wants one too! The nice lady kindly obliges
Hope there's a Skechers Store near North Pole, 'cause lots of kids are going to have these on their lists for Santa. I know, mine do. Yes, including my son!
These kids are truly great dancers!

But that's not all. The coloring station was soon replaced by the Bedazzling station. Great fun! All the kids got their very own Twinkle Toes pink tote bag to adorn with shiny gems. My camera ran out of juice, so I don't have photos of that. I really enjoyed myself helping my kids color (yes, you could color Twinkle Toes on the bag as well) and then bedazzle it with cups of colorful sticky gems. Then it was off to some well-earned pizza and ice cream, although I had to drag the kids away from all the fun happening at the Dvd launch party which went on for almost an hour more.

All in all, we all had a great time, even my reluctant son who's still trying his best to figure out how to take his newly bedazzled Twinkle Toes pink tote bag to school without looking girly :-)

Many thanks to Haley and Universal Studios for making this happen.
Disclosure - Compensation in the form of dvds and a gift card was provided.

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