How to remove Homegroup Icon from Desktop

by - 3/21/2014

If you're reading this, then like me you've discovered a new, unwanted guest sitting on your Desktop - the "HOMEGROUP" icon (above). You don't know what it is, you just know you don't want it there. It wasn't easy, but here's how I finally got rid of it ...

When I first tried clicking this icon, it took me somewhere I had never gone before into my system. I had no idea for what purpose it took me there but an internet search provided some answers later on. It was clear I didn't need it, or at least I didn't need that icon taking up valuable space on my already-crowded desktop. How or why it appeared there out of the blue, I still don't know. Frustrating minutes later, it became clear that nothing I knew would remove this stubborn icon from my desktop.

Another internet search revealed many other frustrated users who'd made the same dismaying discovery. Some had modified their computer's registry to get rid of it, but I wasn't ready for that drastic step yet. Finally I found one user's rather easy solution that worked for me. I should clarify that, so far it's worked - the icon hasn't come back yet, but other users' comments suggest there's a possibility it might. I'll update this post if it happens.

So, here are the steps that I followed. Again, they're not my steps, I just followed them from another user's comments. Use them at your own risk.

This worked for me win 7 - 64 bit home premium

1) Drive to "Folder Options" (I clicked the Windows icon and typed "Folder Options" in the search box, which opened the relevant window)
2) Click "View" (did that)
3) Scroll down to "Use Sharing Wizard (Recommended)" it must be checked (in my case, it was)
4) Un-Check  the Check -box (did that)
5) Click "Apply"......the Icon will be removed from your desktop (did that and checked to see it had indeed disappeared from my desktop screen)
6) Re-Check the Check-box .....the icon will not be back (I didn't follow this step, as the icon had already disappeared and I saw no reason to keep that box checked)

Hope that solves your problem as it did mine. If you have any comments or suggestions, use the comment box below. Good luck!
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