Review - The Good Wife - Last Episode

by - 3/09/2014

Just finished watching the latest episode of 'The Good Wife', and all I have to say is - wow! It was good, I mean really really good, like season 1 good.

Ever since Alicia left to form her own law firm, she and Will have been at each other's throats and a constant unrelenting combative conflict had become the norm. And I'm just not talking about the cases/clients. The result was I could barely sit through 10 minutes of the darn fighting before I walked away from the TV. As a result, I ended up hardly watching any of the season before the 2-month long hiatus.

I almost didn't watch the episode today, but I got optimistic when 'The Amazing Race' ended on time unlike last year when episode after episode stretched like Pinnochio's nose, pushing back further and further the start times of the shows that I really wanted to watch, 'The Good Wife' and of course, 'The Mentalist'. And my optimism paid off as tonight's episode  Parallel Construction, B***s delivered a suspenseful and fast-paced story that was mainly centered around a case/client (and partly on Peter's troubles) and did not focus (at least not too much) on the conflict between Florrick/Agos (read Alicia) and Lockhart/Gardner (read Will). The surprising twist involved a host of alphabet agencies, lots of paranoia-inducing events and the unexpected appearance by Jack Davenport (you might remember him in Coupling or as Captain James Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean series) as AUSA Frank Ashe. I really like Davenport, both as an actor and for his good looks, and hope he becomes Alicia's new love interest, however temporary. Can you tell how sick I am of Alicia and Will's to-be-or-not-to-be love story?! I do hope the writers won't start up that again - that relationship's been done to death and beyond and frankly deserves to rest in peace.

The story ended with a key suspense element not being resolved and which I suspect will probably be worked on over the course of the remaining episodes of this season. I also have a foreboding feeling that a recurring character's going to be killed off. We'll just have to wait and see.

So, in conclusion, here are the wow and yuck factors about this episode:

Wow - The story, the suspense, the acting and of course, the sudden but welcome appearance of Jack Davenport

Yuck - Kalinda and her sexual antics - total ewwww...

Looking forward to more such good episodes from a series that I've surprisingly watched from day 1.
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